Proven laboratory use: Minitube bovine semen extenders

Highest production standard
Millions of semen doses are produced annually with Minitube bovine semen extenders. The consistently superior quality of Minitube extenders is due to our strict quality control of all raw materials, as well as the batch control of the final product.

All sourced raw materials comply with “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) and DIN ISO 9001 norms and are certified after pharmacopeia standards (Ph Eur, BP or USP). Each raw material is additionally tested chemically, physically, and spermatologically under specialized veterinarian supervision for its adequacy for semen conservation. 

Mixing and bottling of the extender is performed under GMP conditions in a certified clean room and every step of the production is documented. Each extender batch is tested chemically and physically and the performance in the conservation of semen is confirmed under practical conditions. The quality control of extender batches is supervised by specialized veterinarians and independent organizations.
Why choose Minitube extenders?
  • Safe and reliable products delivering consistently high quality
  • Full traceability of every compound and production step
  • Highly effective ingredients, especially high-capacity chemical buffer systems, nutritional factors, and antioxidants
  • Unique protection to spermatozoa, in particular protection against stressors, protection for the cell membrane and its fluidity, antimicrobial protection
  • Successfully used with different dilution rates, and with very low density ejaculates
  • Easy and quick to prepare

With their proven formulations, Minitube extenders provide unparalleled protection and ensure maximum performance.
Proven laboratory use: Minitube bovine semen extenders