Safer bag technology for boar semen

Unique foil guarantees 100% safety

Minitube is setting a new standard with its revolutionary QuickTip® boar semen bags, ensuring 100% safety with a unique foil technology. Unlike conventional bags, which can contain toxic adhesives that are harmful to sperm, Minitube's innovative foil eliminates adhesives altogether by replacing them with a completely sperm-friendly layer.

Quality key facts:
  • Rigorous Sperm Safe program verifies the safety of every batch of Minitube semen bags
  • Materials sourced from certified German suppliers meet FDA and EU directives
  • Raw component batches undergo sperm toxicity tests before production
  • Manufactured exclusively by Minitube in its own facilities
  • Production process certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and subject to regular external audits, ensuring full traceability

Technical Report: Quality standard of Minitube boar semen bag material


Unique QuickTip® system guarantees quick, easy, and hygienic application

In addition to superior safety, Minitube's QuickTip® system offers unmatched convenience and hygiene.
  • Tip remains securely closed until insemination, preventing any contamination
  • Tip opens effortlessly by bending, no tools required
  • Tip remains attached to the bag after opening, eliminating disposal issues
  • Tip seamlessly connects to any catheter, allowing various insemination techniques

Minitube QuickTip® semen bags are available in various sizes and formats and are compatible with all standard bag filling and sealing machines.

When it comes to the safety and ease of your boar semen packaging, don't settle for less. Choose Minitube QuickTip® bags for unmatched quality and reliability.
Safer bag technology for boar semen