Spectrum Duo freezing extenders: Simple logistics, excellent results

Spectrum Duo is a new presentation of the well-known SBS Spectrum extenders, designed for easier logistics. Two versions are available which differ in cryoprotectant, milk and egg yolk content, thus taking into account the individual needs of different stallions and ejaculates.

Providing the same results as the ready-to-use options, the new Spectrum Duo extenders consist of two components that can be easily blended into the finished product by adding egg yolk:
  • Part A: A bottle containing bi-distilled water and cryoprotectants (liquid)
  • Part B: A bottle containing buffers, sugars, salts, and antibiotics (powder)

The two-component design allows shipping temperatures of up to +20°C making Spectrum Duo less sensitive to temperature changes and reducing shipping costs by eliminating the need for dry ice.
Your benefits
  • Unique SBS CryoSystem allows to determine the best extender and protocol for each individual stallion
  • More ejaculates are successfully frozen and the overall quality of frozen semen is higher
  • More commercial doses are produced per ejaculate
  • Spectrum extenders are balanced for pH and osmolarity, chemicals are reagent grade, and each batch is biochemically tested
  • Spectrum extenders are manufactured in Minitube‘s GMP-certified media production facility
  • Low shipping costs and storage requirements (shipping at <+20°C, storage at <+8°C)
  • No difference in both total and progressive motility between the ready-to-use Spectrum extenders and Spectrum Duo
  • Easy and fast preparation of the final extender

Say goodbye to logistics issues: shipping at <+20°C, storage at <+8°C
Spectrum Duo freezing extenders: Simple logistics, excellent results