Timesaving and accurate counting of straws in liquid nitrogen

The StrawPal is an innovative, camera-based system for counting straws in liquid nitrogen. It revolutionizes the workflow of incoming and outgoing inspection and inventory of frozen semen straws.  

This advanced system seamlessly integrates cutting edge camera technology with artificial intelligence software to deliver outstanding results. Thanks to this remarkable synergy, the StrawPal can accurately count up to 800 straws in under two minutes. This level of efficiency is unparalleled, significantly streamlining the counting process and saving valuable time.

The StrawPal guarantees the preservation of sperm quality at all times. During the counting procedure, the semen doses are securely stored in a dewar filled with liquid nitrogen.
Highly accurate, easy to process results
  • The system offers an impressive detection rate of about 99 % of straws, working with straws of all colors and both 0.25 ml and 0.5 ml straws
  • To make counting even more precise, the operator has the option to add further detection points for missed straws in a quick and intuitive way
  • All counts, associated data and images are saved in a database
  • PDF reports and packing lists can be created directly from the software with a single mouse click, making the entire process even more efficient
Intuitive setup and operation
  • The system consists of a stainless-steel frame with a camera sling and fixture for the dewar as well as a computer with a touchscreen
  • To conduct a count, straws in a goblet are placed in the goblet holder of the isolated dewar, which is filled with liquid nitrogen
  • Data can be entered manually or imported via an optional barcode reader
  • With the option to import lists of bulls and AI stations, these data can be extracted from the database
  • Upon pulling the camera sling over the dewar, the high-resolution camera takes a picture of the straws, which is then analyzed by the StrawPal software
Counting straws with the StrawPal instead of manually...
...takes a fraction of the time
...is safer for both employee and semen quality
...and provides even more accurate numbers
Timesaving and accurate counting of straws in liquid nitrogen