A glimpse at the future of bovine reproduction at Minitube TechDays

Over the course of two enriching days in November, the Minitube headquarters transformed into the ultimate hub for experts in bovine reproduction. The Minitube TechDays unfolded a diverse program including Bavarian conviviality and culinary delights and awaited 50 international participants in present and many more virtually.

The first day was filled with specialized lectures by eminent figures in the industry. Dr. Ulrich Janowitz (Rinder-Union West, Germany) guided the audience through a tour to a 21st century bull stud. Dr. Torleif Röpke (IFN Schönow, Germany) offered profound insights into crucial facets of Quality Management and HACCP within the bull semen lab. Tips on handling bovine fresh semen, from dilution to equilibration, were given by Dr. Kilian Simmet (Minitube Germany). Prof. Seán Fair, PhD (University of Limerick, Ireland) helped the audience understanding the variation in bull fertility using sperm functional and molecular approaches and PhD Rudolf Großfeld (Minitube Germany) highlighted important aspects on the production and QC of Minitube straws.

The evening was spent together at the nearby “Stoicafe”, a restaurant located on a dairy farm: While enjoying a delicious dinner, participants had the opportunity to observe the process of evening milking.

On the second day, on-site participants delved into practical, hands-on workshops covering topics such as lab automation, traceability in AI through machine readable codes, automated goblet packing, and quality assurance in pipetting sperm samples. The array of innovative products within the extensive Minitube range, including the cow model Henryetta, the portable CASA system AndroScope, and the MultiCoder printer, were vividly demonstrated in action. The experience was enriched with a comprehensive tour of the Minitube premises in Tiefenbach, Germany.

Dr. Christian Simmet, CEO of Minitube International AG, expressed his delight in personally welcoming customers and partners to the premises, to experience an exciting and informative exchange.

A heartfelt thank you extends to all participants for their dedicated engagement, contributing to the success and vibrancy of the Minitube TechDays.
A glimpse at the future of bovine reproduction at Minitube TechDays