German porcine AI association paid a call on Minitube

The annual AI meeting is a fixed date for managers and station veterinarians of the most important AI stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Organizations within the federal porcine and bovine association (BRS) alternate with the invitation. Part of the program was a company visit at Minitube.

In 2019, it was the Bayern-Genetik GmbH to host the event. On October 23, almost 30 members met in Eching, Bavaria, for an intensive exchange on current topics and challenges of the industry. 

In the vicinity of the conference venue, in Tiefenbach near Landshut, lies the Minitube head office. Starting out with only patents and ideas, the company has evolved from a small provider of high quality products for artificial insemination in animals to a worldwide leader in assisted reproduction technologies with a bandwidth encompassing products and services from AI to in-vitro insemination. Minitube was delighted to help shaping the supporting program of the annual AI convention with a company visit the night before.

The trade visitors were given exclusive insights into the latest developments in the field of laboratory software and high-tech semen processing. However, the input for the participants not only consisted of transfer of technical knowledge: with Bavarian appetizers and home-brewed beer, the evening at Minitube could be experienced with all senses.

Once again, lively discussions in the Minitube technology building made clear how important the exchange of engineers and product managers with users and practitioners is. It is, after all, the company's claim to tailor its products and services to the needs of AI organizations.
German porcine AI association paid a call on Minitube