Minitube supports meaningful charity projects

At the turn of the year, Minitube looks back with gratitude on turbulent but successful months. Knowing our responsibility to those who need our help, donations have become a Minitube tradition in recent years. This time, we support the following meaningful local, sustainable, and acute projects:

🌎Haus International, a non-profit association that has been involved in intercultural work for over 40 years, is very challenged to provide help for the many refugees from Ukraine.

🥘The Landshut food bank collects surplus food from retailers and manufacturers and distributes it to socially and economically disadvantaged people.

🤝🏼The local association "Berberhilfe" aims to support homeless people in various areas to make their lives a little easier.

🌱World Vision is a child-focused, community-empowering global organization. One program of the foundation is to help smallholder farmers in Malawi move from dependence to a dignified life.

🍽The German organization “Welthungerhilfe“ is stepping up to help end hunger and giving all people the opportunity to sustainably secure their own healthy nutrition and enable them to lead self-determined and dignified lives.
Minitube supports meaningful charity projects