Minitube equipment in the Jingwang boar station in China

Minitube China successfully completed the installation for the Jingwang 160 breeding boar core farm project in March 2023.

Project introduction: The boar station follows a new high-standard design. The whole laboratory adopts a full-filtration fresh air ventilation system, and the boar semen is pneumatically transmitted from the stud to the laboratory. 

Henan Jingwang Pig Breeding Improvement Co., Ltd. is a service provider specialized in providing precision solutions for large-scale pig breeding. Founded in October 2014, the company has a professional production management and AI technical service team. There are currently two high-end breeding boar stations in operation and two more under construction. Designed to have 1500 boars in stock, the stations can provide more than 2 million doses of fresh semen and more than 6 million doses of frozen semen of high-performance breeding pigs annually, meeting the needs of the high-quality breeding production of 700,000 sows.

The production barns are all equipped with the world's highest MERV15 air filtration system and an automatic small environmental control system, and the pig houses are connected by closed corridors to ensure the air safety in the houses. The semen production laboratory is equipped with a complete set of Minitube’s world leading automatic semen production systems. The process of semen collection, transmission, analysis, dilution, packaging, and other processes are highly automated and standardized so that each semen dose can be tracked with high quality.

Minitube China would like to thank its long-term customer Jingwang Group for choosing Minitube equipment for the company's laboratory. We wish Henan Jingwang 160 core pig farm a successful business.
Minitube equipment in the Jingwang boar station in China