Minitube visits IFN Schönow for mutual exchange

Last week, Dr. Monika Esch, Tammo Buss and Johanna Gandorfer from the Minitube Product Management Department spent an informative day at the IFN Schönow to discuss developments in the fields of equine and bovine reproduction and embryo transfer.

Recent projects and activities from both sides were reviewed, bridging the gap between research and practical applications.

Minitube´s goal lies in developing and delivering convenient, applicatory solutions and products for its customers. For many products, the meeting served as a last check before launching. On the other hand, the Minitube trio brought along new equipment like the thermal electric box for fresh semen transport, and presented them to the attentive hosts.    

A visit of the IFN spermatology laboratory and the genetic diagnostics laboratory completed the day. The latter is offering services in the area of parentage control and genetic diagnostics. As the number of samples grows year by year, it needs to be expanded shortly.

The IFN Schönow e.V.  is a registered association that serves as both an innovative research institution as well as an officially recognized training center for livestock breeding. For Minitube, IFN is an appreciated and reliable partner, especially concerning scientific projects.

Minitube visits IFN Schönow for mutual exchange