Minitüb Slovakia: New production and storage facilities boost efficiency and capacity

The completion of the latest expansion project at Minitube Slovakia is an important step in the growth and professionalism of the entire Minitube Group, to the benefit of our customers worldwide. This is the third expansion after 2006 and 2016, each of which was necessitated by rapid production growth and the resulting space requirements. Since 1996, the Slovak plant has been the main site to produce Minitube consumables to the highest quality standards. 

The expansion project, designed by renowned architectural firm Olegsson & Partners, began in November 2022 and represents the continuation of a successful partnership that previously brought the 2016 expansion to life. 
Key highlights of the expansion include:
Transformation of existing structures: The warehouse built in 2016 has been transformed into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with efficient air conditioning and cutting-edge production facilities for assembling MiniStraws, manufacturing QuickTip® semen bags and Universal Sheaths, among other products. A new 15-meter-high warehouse has been constructed at the rear of the existing building. This new space increases storage capacity and streamlines logistics operations.

Sustainable energy solutions: To underline Minitube's commitment to sustainability, a photovoltaic system with an output of approximately 250 kWp was installed on the roofs of the 2006 and 2016 buildings. In addition, PV modules on the facades of the new warehouse, combined with rooftop and open space areas, bring the total PV output to approximately 950 kWp.

Advanced manufacturing facilities: A highlight of the expansion is the new clean room, complete with personnel and material air locks. This facility meets the stringent standards of Directive 13464 and is certified to produce medical products, ensuring the highest quality for our customers.

This significant expansion not only increases production capacity, but also consolidates Minitube's position as the world's leading provider of animal assisted reproduction systems. The new facilities will enable Minitube to meet growing demand even more efficiently and ensure the high-quality level of our products. Our commitment to Slovakia and Europe as an important manufacturing base is stronger than ever.
Minitüb Slovakia: New production and storage facilities boost efficiency and capacity