New logistics center inaugurated in Germany

In response to positive business growth and the increasing flow of goods to the eleven international subsidiaries and customers in 170 countries, a new logistics center was inaugurated in Germany. A decade after the original construction, the need for a larger and more efficient logistics facility became apparent.

The expansion brings significant improvements to warehouse operations. By separating incoming and outgoing goods, the flow of materials is now more streamlined. The project also increased available storage space and expanded the picking area. In particular, the cold storage facilities have been significantly improved with two temperature zones to meet the diverse needs of our products. The newly constructed hall spans 960 square meters and features a state-of-the-art paternoster rack system. This installation maximizes the use of ceiling height for high-density storage of small parts, ensuring fast and efficient order picking.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are at the forefront of the expansion. The new logistics center features automatic temperature monitoring in the cold storage room and LED lighting throughout the facility, controlled by motion detectors to conserve electricity. A remarkable feature of the extension is its energy self-sufficiency. Photovoltaic systems installed on the roof and facade generate 475 kWp, supported by a 320 kWh battery. This setup ensures the warehouse, including its cooling systems, operates independently during the summer months. Overall, the Minitube logistics center can now produce over 80% of its electricity needs, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

The opening of the logistics center was celebrated with a summer party for all employees and their families. In his opening speech, Rudolf Simmet, CPO Minitube International AG, highlighted the challenges faced during the construction phase, from stringent fire safety requirements to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these hurdles, the successful completion of the project represents a significant achievement for the company. The highlight of the event was a demonstration of the advanced warehouse elevator, which demonstrated the benefits of the latest technology in logistics. Attendees were impressed with the efficiency and sophistication of the new system.

The expanded logistics center is a testament to Minitube's steady and sustainable growth. With increased efficiency and a strong emphasis on ecology, this milestone sets the stage for continued success in the years to come.
New logistics center inaugurated in Germany