Open doors: Minitube USA hosts first Bovine Tech Day

The dust has settled after a busy day at Minitube USA, with a lot of great conversations on equipment, lab processes, and the future of bull stud labs. Customers were invited to tour the facility and see product demos. They were able to get hands-on learning, such as:
  • How to deep clean the MPP Quattro to improve machine performance over its lifetime
  • TurboFreezer demonstration and best practices: Using the racks and accessories to their full potential
  • How to use advanced fluorescence analysis to identify viable sperm cells
  • Proper semen preparation procedures when analyzing using AndroVision®
  • and much more! 

Each participant was able to work with a specialist at each station, with plenty of time for questions. After an afternoon of wet labs, Minitube USA staff invited tech day attendees to the Capital Brewery, well-known in the Madison area for its unique beers, for a Wisconsin-style dinner and drinks. It was a long, but fun day, and Minitube USA looks forward to planning the next tech day. As CCO John Quackenbush said at dinner: "Our doors are always open!" 
Open doors: Minitube USA hosts first Bovine Tech Day