iMale RFID reader for electronic eartags with bluetooth connection to label printer

Ref.: 18001/0000
For electronic semen donor identification.
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Product features

  • Used with all HDX and FDX-B transponder
  • Operating distance: 30 cm, plus length of device: 65 cm
  • Battery operated, inbuilt quick-charger with external power supply, 12 V car battery connection
  • Dimensions: 650 x 85 x 42 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: approx. 720 g

Your benefits

iMale is available as an independent system or in addition to IDEE. The combination of the iMale RFID reader and the wireless iMale label printer allows the reading of animal ear tags and the direct printing of barcode labels. In addition to the tag number, further animal information like the donor name or a breed code can be printed on the label by loading a table with information on each semen donor to the device. Also a logo and the collector ID can be added to the label. All HDX and FDX-B transponder ear tags can be read. In addition to the devices length of 65 cm, it has a reading distance of 30 cm. iMale RFID reader comes with built-in quick-charger and external power supply. The maximum distance for wireless data transfer from the iMale reader to the label printer is about 10 meters. Once the ear tags are read, barcode labels are immediately printed with the wireless iMale label printer.