Perfect match: Lap AI gun and Robertson pipettes for the insemination of sheep

Due to the reproductive physiology of the animal, transvaginal insemination in sheep is often not efficient. Laparoscopy is the choice of many veterinarians who work with small ruminant species to achieve higher pregnancy rates. 

Together with a laparoscope, Minitube’s laparoscopic AI gun and Robertson pipettes are used for a safe insemination of ewes. With the AI gun, a gradual application of semen into the uterus is enabled. Bulk semen in syringes is applicated without the AI gun, just by attaching the syringe to the Robertson pipette. Also, the transfer of embryos is possible with this technique.

The lap AI gun can be easily taken apart for complete sterilization. All metal parts are made of stainless steel and may be cleaned by using cold sterilization or heating.

There are two different types of Robertson pipettes available: 

  • Robertson pipette "Standard" with a needle length of 5 mm
  • Robertson pipette "Donor Ewes" with a needle length of 7 mm

The pipette for donor ewes is used especially in females which are FSH stimulated and therefore show thickened uterine horns. Robertson pipettes can be re-used after an adequate cleaning and sterilization, saving costs in lap AI programs.

See how comfortable it is to work with the lap AI gun and the Robertson pipettes – either using fresh or frozen-thawed semen: