M III® with Gentamicin, 600 g = 10 l

Ref.: 13515/0010
Medium term boar semen extender.
The M III® formula contains antioxidants that prevent the damaging effect of metabolites in the conservation medium and thus guarantee the durability of the semen for a medium period.

20/box, 800/pallet
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Your benefits

  • M III® is an ideal extender for the medium preservation time
  • M III® contains antioxidants to prevent the ageing process of semen cells
  • Potent buffer system provides stable pH during the entire storage period
  • M III® optimizes fertility results during the first 48 hours compared with standard semen extenders
  • M III® is characterized by its excellent solubility
  • M III® is available with one or more antibiotics
  • The antibiotic mixtures allow an efficient control of a large spectrum of bacteria, especially those normally found at boar semen centers; the antibiotics are proven to be harmless for the sperm quality
  • Reliable supplier: GMP-certified production