Miniflush® filter system for bovine and equine embryo collection

Ref.: 19222/2000
All-in-one dual purpose filter and search dish that requires no attention during flushing procedure. Sterilized. With integrated filter and petri dish with grid, mesh size 40 µ.
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Product features

Vertical all-in-one embryo recovery system with a large filter surface area. The vertical design provides higher flow rates and reduces plugging of the embryo filter. Due to its shallow design, the filter is perfectly suited for use with all microscopes even when the working distance is limited. Embryos are easily found with the aid of the highly visible grid.

With the Miniflush®, the entire flushing procedure can be completed without the need to monitor fluid levels as the filter automatically maintains a constant 20 ml volume.

Your benefits

  • All-in-one dual purpose filters and search dishes: embryos are recovered directly from the filter dish
  • Secure fixation of the lid during collection and easy to open after collection (no screw cap)
  • Integrated search dish engraved with a grid makes it easy to search and find embryos (mesh size is ideal for all bovine and equine embryo sizes)
  • Filter mesh cannot get dry as it remains in contact with fluid
  • Excess fluid is controlled and removed through outlet tubing with attached thumb clamp (entry hole is big enough to ensure the necessary flow speed of the flushing medium)
  • Connection to all types of Y-tubing (bovine and equine) is possible
  • Absolute tightness
  • Sterilized