MiniReader, photometer for progesterone assay in serum or milk

Ref.: 21900/0000
Reliable determination of ideal time for AI and ovulation in canine and bovine as one of the most critical steps for successful breeding.
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Product features

The MiniReader is an affordable, accurate and reliable device to read and provide the results of Minitubes ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test within 35 minutes. It is used with the ELISA test kit. Calculates the amount of progesterone present in blood serum or milk following ELISA. Results are shown in ng/ml progesterone.

Requires test kit progesterone.

Your benefits

  • Small sample is needed (0.02 ml of blood serum)
  • Fast and accurate results in just over half an hour for immediate assessment - any day of the week
  • Accurate and consistent readings as absolute progesterone concentration is shown in ng/ml (not only relative readings of high or low)
  • Small device fits anywhere
  • Size of test kit adapted to the needs of veterinarians
  • Easy handling and maintenance