Simmet Prize

Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction

The Simmet Prize is a memorial award honouring the lifetime and legacy of Dr. Ludwig Simmet, founder of Minitube. Dr. Simmet was a straightforward man who demonstrated that an industry can be formed and influenced through integrity and perseverance. With this prize, active research scientists are recognized for their outstanding basic and applied research in the area of assisted reproduction of animals.

A trust established by the Simmet Family enables the International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) to recognize the outstanding achievements of dedicated scientists with their work having been published during the previous six years. The Simmet Prize is endowed with 50.000 Euro, sponsored by Minitube International.

In 2008, the Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction was awarded for the first time to the Italian scientist, Dr. Cesare Galli. The 2012 recipient of the Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction was Dr. R. John Aitken who currently teaches at the University of Newcastle, Australia. The worthy prize-winner in 2016 was Prof. Katrin Hinrichs from the Texas A&M university. In 2022, Dr. Gabriel Bó of the Instituto de Reproducción Animal Córdoba (IRAC) in Córdoba, Argentina, was presented with the Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction at the 19th ICAR in Bologna.

The Simmet Prize will continue to be awarded every four years at future ICAR meetings; the next one will be held in 2026.