Minitub Ibérica

The subsidiary Minitub Ibérica S.L., founded in 2003 and located in La Selva del Camp (Tarragona), facilitates the supply of products and services in reproductive biotechnologies to our customers in Spain and Portugal. 

The manager, Xavi Fochs, together with his commercial team composed of two veterinarians, specialists in animal reproduction, offer a very personal attention to the customers´ requirements. 

With its technical, logistic, customer service, and administration departments, they form a professional team in all areas.

The main objective of Minitub Ibérica is to provide the best products and an outstanding service to its customers. In addition, it offers support and expertise in any area that concerns technologies for the animal reproduction industry.


Minitub Ibérica S.L.
Polígon Industrial La Drecera
C/Metal-lúrgia 1, 43470 La Selva del Camp - Tarragona
Spain +34 977 845397
Team Minitub Ibérica