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Since the early 1970s, Minitube has been actively involved in equipping and supplying Chinese AI centers. The first two bull stations were equipped with a whole range of machines for semen processing more than 40 years ago, in the provinces Shanxi and Jilin. Meanwhile, more than 30 labs are working successfully with Minitube equipment.

To go with this positive development, Minitube China has been represented by a sales office for more than 15 years. A highly qualified team of AI experts and technicians provides high-end products and services for their Chinese customers. In 2016, the logistics center expanded its capacities to increase the local presence. In 2020, a modern cold storage for extenders came into service. In 2023, the logistics center will be expanded and renovated again to meet the steadily growing demand in China.

During the market depression and lockdowns in China, the Minitube China team has been engaging with its customers on improving their AI and ET technique. Not only have our local experts regularly performed online seminars and trainings, but also the senior experts from Germany have provided technical presentations for the Chinese customers for actively preparing for the market recovery.

Over 50 years, through good times and bad, Minitube has always stood by our customers' side.


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