Minitüb GmbH

Established in 1970 by Dr. Ludwig Simmet, Minitüb is a pioneering reproductive technology company, which has transitioned from a small developer and provider of quality artificial insemination (AI) products to a worldwide market leader in assisted reproduction technologies ranging from AI to in-vitro-fertilization. Headquartered in Tiefenbach, Germany, Minitüb now has customers around the world and is in close collaboration with highly trained local representatives, subsidiaries and distributors.

Minitüb’s executive board includes: Dr. Christian Simmet, Christa Simmet, Rudolf Simmet and Katharina Rohrmüller. Together they are dedicated to supporting a positive business culture in order to provide customers with the best quality service and products in the industry.


Minitüb GmbH
Hauptstraße 41
84184 Tiefenbach
Germany +49 8709 9229 0
Team Minitüb GmbH