Minitube provides a complete range of automated freezers for semen conservation. Semen samples are uniformly frozen and conserved in a controlled freezing-rate environment using a strong liquid vapour stream. All the freezer models have been designed and continually developed in-house by our experienced engineer team.

The top model, TurboFreezer with cutting edge technology, was optimized in collaboration with the polytechnic college of Zurich, employing the findings published in two bachelor theses. The aerodynamic design of the TurboFreezer and the unidirectional, horizontal nitrogen gas flow ensure that all straws pass through identical freezing curves. The freezing pattern of each single straw is precisely controlled by instant removal of crystallization energy. Semen freezing in conventional freezers suffers from unpredictable cold and warm spots distributed throughout the freezing chamber. With the TurboFreezer bull studs realize standardized semen freezing curves independent of straw position and thus achieve higher yields through improved, uniform post-thaw quality of the ejaculate.