MPP Quattro, automatic filling and machine for semen straws

Ref.: 13018/0000
Fast, robust and easy to operate filling and sealing machine with broad application range. Fills and seals up to four straws at a time.
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Product features

  • Capacity: approx. 15000 straws/hour
  • Easy to change between straw sizes
  • Exchangeable hopper with 2200 straw capacity for 0.25 ml and 1300 straw capacity for 0.5 ml
  • Touch-screen monitor showing number of filled straws, machine status, and straw size
  • Double ejaculate control through built-in, adjustable balance and sensor: allows automatic switch from 4 needle filling to 1 needle filling at the end of the ejaculate
  • Ultrasound sealing unit
  • Integrated vacuum pump with sensor for vacuum adjustments
  • PLC microprocessor control
  • Available also as Minitube CombiSystem with MiniJet printer
  • Electrical connection: 115 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50-60 Hz

Your benefits

  • Filling of 1 to 4 straws at a time freely selectable by the operator
  • Modern touch-screen monitor for software control and display; easy to operate, with color coded display; continuous display of number of filled straws, machine status, straw size
  • Fast conversion between 0.25 and 0.5 ml straws and vice versa (1-2 minutes), touch-screen guided
  • Ideal conditions for hygiene and safety due to completely closed filling and sealing area
  • Optimal control by the operator: processing of 4 straws at a time can easily be observed
  • Quick preparation for a new ejaculate: blocks of 4 filling and suction needles each allow for a very quick reset
  • Semen-saving: when ejaculate is almost finished, active filling needles are automatically reduced from 4 to 1 and residual semen from inactive needles runs back into reservoir - practically no semen is wasted and the ejaculate is used to the very last drop
  • Can be operated in cold room or cabinet or at room temperature as stand-alone or combined with MiniJet printer