MVE Vapor Shipper SC 2/1 V, volume: 1.5 l

Ref.: 16502/2001
Designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic (-150°C or colder) temperatures.
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Product features

  • 1 canister 127 x 31 mm
  • Static holding time: 8 days
  • Static evaporation rate: 0.19 l/day
  • Holds: 180 x 0.25 ml or 88 x 0.5 ml straws
  • Neck opening: 35 mm
  • Height: 343 mm
  • Diameter: 184 mm

Your benefits

The SC Vapor series dewar is a vacuum insulated container of aluminum with fiberglass neck construction providing the highest efficiency possible in nitrogen vapor storage. These high quality vacuum insulated units are constructed of durable material, compatible with the divergent temperature extremes and broad applications of cryobiology. The absorbent material used is hydrophobic (will not absorb water) which unlike calcium silicate does not need to be periodically heated to remove absorbed moisture.