Novistar® with Ampicillin, Apramycin, 235 g = 5 l

Ref.: 13539/0005
Essential extender for boar semen long term preservation.

Novistar® is a completely synthetic medium, free from animal protein. It is designed to perform in a temperature range of +15°C to +20°C.
25/cardboard box, 1750/pallet
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Product features

  • Designed to protect boar sperm during long term storage and transport
  • Highly efficient buffering system
  • Excellent bacteriostatic effect
  • Free from animal protein
  • Production and quality control according to Minitube’s certified GMP standard

Your benefits

  • A newly developed, highly efficient pH buffer system and a powerful combination of antioxidants support the sperm cells in long term preservation
  • Novel, equilibrated structure which maintains the fertilizing capacity of sperm from day one at a superior level compared to traditional extenders
  • High conservation capabilities at reasonable cost
  • Third party quality control in an accredited laboratory is carried out for all components and for all batches