Ovum pick-up in mares – become independent of cycle and season

In addition to the cryopreservation of embryos, oocytes are also increasingly obtained from the mare's follicle: the OPU method (ovum pick-up, also known as TUA, transvaginal ultrasound guided follicular aspiration) is independent of the cycle and season.  

With the perfectly matched Minitube products, the veterinarian has a complete set for the safe ovum pick-up.

The OPU flushing pump for follicle aspiration combines two pumps for aspiration and injection and a media warming block in one device for a convenient oocyte aspiration.

  • Used to aspirate follicular fluid from equine follicles and to inject medium into these follicles
  • Flushing can be done simultaneously or alternating with aspiration
  • Procedure of repeated flushing of follicles results in a substantial increase in recovery rates for equine oocytes
  • Pressure level and hysteresis are programmable by the user
  • Pump is operated by foot switches
  • Collection and flushing medium are warmed in a warming block containing two 250 ml bottles and four additional spaces for 50 ml tubes

The oocytes are directly aspirated into a bottle filled with prewarmed medium. The storage of the oocytes in the medium takes place in the optimal temperature range for oocytes (we recommend +36°C to +38°C). 

The pump is connected to a probe carrier as a holder for the injection needle and the probe of the ultrasound device. The double-lumen needle is specially manufactured for Minitube and ensures that the follicle can be rinsed, and the ova can be suctioned off smoothly.

After the ova have been obtained, they are subjected to intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in a specially equipped laboratory, during which the ova are fertilized.