PC Blue, SafeBlue Foamtip® with PC Cannula and stopper

Ref.: 17112/2002
For postcervical insemination of sows. Single packed, lubricated, sterilized. With stopper for fixation of cannula in catheter.

25/bag, 500/box
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Product features

  • Ideal for the postcervical insemination of sows: all semen cells reach the uterus and can easier be transported into the fallopian tube by uterine contractions
  • The fertility of the inseminated sow can be improved, or can be maintained with a reduced amount of sperm per dose
  • The Foamtip head of the outer catheter is already lubricated; the whole catheter is individually packed in the hygienic SafeBlue sheath
  • Inner catheter with very small diameter: nearly no semen remains in the catheter
  • Inner catheter optimized in material design and flexibility to glide along the cervix tissue; no blocking and kinking in cervix cushions
  • Stopper allows the fixation of the inner cannula in the catheter, so that it stays in its current position
  • SafeBlue concept guarantees high hygiene status