QuickTip® semen bag WT, 60 ml, 1000/roll

Ref.: 13460/1060
Entirely adhesive-free Minitube semen bags with QuickTip® system: for ultimate safety.
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Product features

Minitube semen bags are made from an innovative multilayer plastic foil and 100% sperm-safe. It is the first plastic foil used in the production of semen bags which is entirely free from any adhesive. Adhesives are often used in multilayer plastic foils to combine non-compatible layers in a foil. However, adhesives are potentially toxic for sperm cells and cases of faulty semen bags have been reported. Adhesives leaching towards the inside of these faulty bags have produced severe fertility problems in the past. Minitubes bags are made from an innovative foil where the adhesive has been replaced by a completely sperm friendly layer.
  • Every batch of Minitube semen bags undergoes the Sperm Safe program
  • Materials are exclusively sourced from certified German suppliers and comply with FDA and EU directives
  • All raw component batches undergo sperm toxicity tests prior to release for production
  • The production process guarantees full traceability
  • Made by Minitube in Minitube premises, production certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and regularly audited by external entities

Your benefits

  • Compatible with all common bag filling and sealing machines
  • User-friendly: The proven QuickTip® system guarantees an easy and fast application for the AI technician
  • Suitable for all catheters and insemination techniques
  • Quick, easy and hygienic insemination
  • Minitube semen bags are available in various sizes and formats

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