SBS CryoSystem Spectrum Red, freezing extender for equine semen

Ref.: 13572/0030
The SBS CryoSystem consists of a range of Spectrum freezing extenders, which feature different cryoprotectants and specific different egg yolk or milk content. The Spectrum concept allows to identify the best freezing extender for each individual stallion. All Spectrum extenders are presented as ready-to-use solutions.

30 ml
Frozen cargo
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Product features

  • High egg yolk content
  • No milk
  • Best combined with rapid cooling and freezing

Your benefits

  • More ejaculates can be frozen successfully
  • Overall higher quality of frozen semen
  • Produce more commercial doses per ejaculate
  • While use of a programmable freezer will yield more consistent results, vapour freezing or programmable freezer can be used
  • You can profit from the experience of SBS