Always an excellent decision: Minitube boar semen tubes and bags

A semen container must guarantee non-toxicity in terms of sperm tolerance and semen fertility. Minitube QuickTip® semen tubes and QuickTip® semen bags meet this essential requirement through compliance with numerous regulations, a rigorous quality control and not least, design. Minitube semen bags are made from an innovative multilayer plastic foil and lack laminating adhesives. The foil design is unique in the boar semen bag market and ensures a systemically safe product. Minitube semen tubes on the other hand, are made from Polyethylene (PE) only while recycled and possibly contaminated material is not used.

As a specialized and ISO 9001:2015 certified producer of semen tubes and bags, Minitube follows a strict quality control program which consists of a three-level concept for the quality assurance and testing of raw materials and finished products that are in contact with semen.

Three-level concept for quality assurance (NIAS = non-intentionally added substances)

Three-level concept for quality assurance

The key points of our quality assurance
  • Every batch of Minitube semen tubes and bags undergoes the Sperm Safe program
  • Materials are exclusively sourced from certified German suppliers and comply with FDA and EU directives
  • All raw component batches undergo sperm toxicity tests prior to release for production
  • The production process guarantees full traceability
  • Made by Minitube in Minitube premises, production certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and regularly audited by external entities

Technical Report: Quality standard of Minitube boar semen tube material
Technical Report: Quality standard of Minitube’s QuickTip® semen bags 


Clever solution for conservation of boar semen
  • Compatible with all common tube/bag filling and sealing machines
  • Suitable for all catheters and insemination techniques
  • Proven QuickTip® system guarantees an easy and fast application for the AI technician
  • Tubes and bags are easy to open by bending the tip without any tool
  • Tip stays securely closed until insemination
  • Available in various sizes, formats, and colors

hether you prefer tubes or bags, Minitube products are the perfect choice. QuickTip® semen tubes and bags are designed for user convenience and sperm friendliness. They are 100% sperm safe.

Sperm Safe label: Guarantees a safe production process and product

Sperm Safe