SFS, semiautomatic filling and sealing machine, 0.5 ml straws

Ref.: 13133/0133
Safe and hygienic filling and sealing system for semen straws, using metal or glass sealing balls.
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Product features

  • Includes 1x filling and 1x suction head for 6 straws, straw magazine, vacuum bottle
  • Requires loading cartridge and vacuum pump
  • Also available for 0.25 ml straws (Ref. 13133/0135)

Your benefits

  • Straws are filled and sealed 6 by 6
  • Straw filling is done by vacuum and sealing by pressing a metal or glass sealing ball into the straw end
  • The glass sealing balls are available in different colors
  • An air bubble of 1 cm is automatically produced in each straw