Spermac stain kit

Ref.: 15405/0000
For morphology evaluation. Set for diagnostic staining of sperm cells of all domestic mammals.

4 x 50 ml
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Product features

Spermac stain is used to clearly visualize head, acrosome, equatorial region, centerpiece and tail, so that morphological abnormalities of all regions can be identified.

Your benefits

The head of the sperm cell appears red colored, acrosome, centerpiece and tail are green and the equatorial zone is pale green. The identification of damage to head and acrosome as well as tail abnormalities are easily detected. Due to the distinctive staining of the acrosome, Spermac is particularly suitable for the identification of the acrosome of equine spermatozoa. Spermac can be used for staining of frozen thawed sperm containing glycerol.

Scope of delivery

Kit includes 4 bottles à 50 ml:
  • 1 stain fixative
  • 1 acrosome stain (dark green)
  • 1 sperm head stain (light green)
  • 1 midpiece stain (pink)