TC-2010 temperature control unit for microscope stage

Ref.: 12055/2010
With integrated slide and sample tube warmer (13.2 mm diameter) for tubes in 90 degree position.
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Product features

  • Used for the temperature control of a microscope stage with built-in heating system and for keeping microscope slides and sample tubes warm on its surface
  • Holds maximum 12 tubes with a diameter of 13.2 mm
  • One heated microscope stage with a voltage of 30 V DC and a maximum power consumption of 80 W can be connected
  • Two displays show the actual temperature of the integrated warming plate and, if applicable, the attached microscope heated stage
  • The device is set for 110 Volt power supply, and can easily convert to 220 Volt by the user
  • Two metal side rails are a safety feature to prevent accidental injury through breaking glass sample tubes
  • The user can adjust the target temperature (initially set to +38°C)