TCI shunt system for FlexiLock endoscope

Ref.: 17500/0060
Unit for fixation and stimulation of the female dog during endoscopical insemination. For FlexiLock endoscope (Ref. 17505/0201, 17505/0203 and 17505/0205).
Vet only
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Product features

The Minitube shunt system for transcervical insemination is a dual purpose endoscopic tool. It eliminates vaginal air loss around the endoscope during insufflation by creating an air tight seal. The shunt system also acts as a stabilizing platform for the endoscope during the procedure.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 TCI shunt stainless steel collar (neck piece and port piece)
  • 1 TCI shunt catheter 55 mm (Ref. 17500/0062)
  • 1 TCI shunt catheter 105 mm (Ref. 17500/0064)
  • 5 silicone flat seal rings (Ref. 17500/0061)
  • 1 50 ml syringe