US Bag®: Collection bag for boar semen, with filter, volume 5.5 l

Ref.: 11123/0550
Semen collection bag that provides a completely disposable solution from collection to dispensing. For highest hygiene during semen collection.
100/package, 700/box
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Product features

  • Complete one-way solution from semen collection to packaging
  • Made of non-sperm-toxic plastic
  • Integrated filter made of non-woven fabric (non chloride bleached material) and a perforation to tear off after use
  • Avoids that filter and pouch are touched with the hands

Your benefits

  • Quick and clean preparation of the semen collection cup: filter and inner surface of the US Bag® are kept contamination free
  • Simple and efficient semen processing: the ejaculate remains in the US Bag® for dilution and packaging
  • No more time-consuming sterilization
  • Essential improvement of lab hygiene
  • Clear foil allows an easy inspection of the raw ejaculate