Minitube celebrates 50 years of innovation

 - and prepares for the next 50 years

Minitube is celebrating its 50-year anniversary in 2020! Fifty years ago, Minitube was one founder and one idea. The idea was simple: do development differently and do it better. 

Since that day in 1970, when Dr. Ludwig Simmet started the brand, Minitube has evolved from a small provider of high quality products for artificial insemination (AI) in animals to a global leader in assisted reproduction technologies with encompassing products and services from AI to in-vitro insemination. Headquartered in Tiefenbach, Germany, Minitube now supplies customers world-wide with local support provided not only by its ten subsidiaries but also by a network of highly trained representatives and distributors.

With fifty years of innovation and service for the AI and livestock industries taking their operations to the next level, our thanks today go to our wonderful partners, customers and employees supporting us for half a century and onwards. 

In the next weeks, we are celebrating our history with dedicated posts on our past, present and future. Take a trip back in time through major milestones - here's to the next 50 years!

Minitube celebrates 50 years of innovation