Unique service for the Middle East - the Minitube Mobile Lab

Minitube Middle East now offers a new and unique professional lab service to customers particularly in remote areas. The Mobile Lab is a van equipped with high-quality Minitube equipment to analyze and preserve/freeze animal semen or embryos.

In addition to basic laboratory equipment including water bath, centrifuge and LN2 containers, the laboratory is equipped with the following equipment:

  • AndroVision® – highly precise CASA system for standardized, interactive semen analysis
  • SDM1 – photometer for measuring sperm concentration
  • MPP Uno – automated filling and sealing machine for semen straws
  • EasyCoder – automatic straw printer
  • IceCube – automatic freezer for semen and embryos

Two years of intensive planning work lie between the first idea and the finished laboratory. Not only Minitube experts worked on the pilot project, but also a German lab interior design expert. The critical factors climate/insulation, fastenings/security and independent electricity were particularly important. For example, the technicians designed the ventilation in such a way that the use of liquid nitrogen in the van is safe even when its doors are closed. For this innovative and unique project, many tests were conducted to ensure an optimal lab environment in a mobile situation in extremely hot climate.

The Mobile Lab is already successfully in operation in the Middle East. Minitube Middle East offers the service to customers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman, in regions which otherwise have no access to a professional laboratory for semen and embryo preservation.

Please contact Minitube Middle East for further information about the service and if you would like to discuss how to construct your own mobile laboratory: info.middle.east@minitube.com

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