MPP Quattro, automated filling and sealing machine

Fills and seals four straws at a time.
Number of straws processed per cycle freely selectable.
Easy to change between straw sizes.
Exchangeable hopper with 2200 straw capacity for 0.25 ml and 1300 straw capacity for 0.5 ml.
Touch-screen monitor showing number of filled straws, machine status, and straw size.
Dual ejaculate control through built-in, adjustable balance and sensor: allows automatic switch from 4 needle filling to 1 needle filling at the end of the ejaculate.
Ultrasound sealing unit.
Integrated vacuum pump with sensor for vacuum adjustments.
PLC microprocessor control.
Available also as Minitube CombiSystem with MiniJet printer.
Power supply: 115 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50-60 Hz

REF. 13018/0000