R&D Team

R&D Team

Veterinarians, engineers and researchers work together on the continuing development of applied technologies in animal breeding. Experienced practitioners and experts in the fields of artificial insemination, embryo transfer and associated biotechnologies comprise our R&D team.

Dr. med. vet. Monika Esch, DVM, MBA (UAS)

Dr. Monika Esch studied business administration at the University of applied sciences in Landshut and worked several years in sales. Later she studied Veterinary Medicine at the University of Munich and graduated in 1999. She was awarded with the Dr.med.vet degree based upon a scientific dissertation in buiatrics. She worked several years as a veterinarian in general clinic and reproduction in a large animal practice. Minitube employed her in 2001 as an area sales manager and product manager. Since 2009 Dr. Esch is the director of Minitube's product management department and as such responsible for general product management and the close interaction with other departments like quality control, business development and customer consulting.
Dr. Esch has been a speaker in numerous scientific and technical events and has guided seminars and practical trainings in ART laboratories all over the world. Due to her vast experience in reproduction technologies of all domestic animal species and to her organizational talents, she is today leading several complex research projects with interdisciplinary teams, mainly in the fields of Insemination Technology, Spermatology and Embryology. Dr. Monika Esch says, the benefit of the customer has to be the central aim of each project. The most important target is to achieve real, measurable improvements in AI stations, breeding farms, veterinary practices and research groups with the products and services Minitube can provide today and in the future.

Dr. Rudolf Grossfeld, PhD

Dr. Rudolf Grossfeld manages the Minitube porcine product line and specializes in research and customer consulting in spermatology, semen processing and AI. Dr. Grossfeld received his PhD in reproductive biotechnology from the University of Göttingen. He graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Soest, Germany as an agricultural engineer after getting his first degree as a certified agricultural technician. During his PhD studies, he worked in research teams of the Institute of Farm Animal Genetics in Mariensee and at the University of Sydney in Australia. After receiving his PhD degree, he worked four years as a researcher in Mariensee where he co-developed a non-surgical endoscopic AI method for minimal semen doses in cows. Rudolf Grossfeld is author and co-author of several publications in renowned research journals.

Dr. Carmen de Alba Romero, PhD, DVM

Dr. de Alba is responsible for customer consulting in all species at Minitube and specializes in product management of Minitube’s porcine product line, general swine reproduction and spermatology. She holds a Master Degree in animal science of the Royal Veterinarian Collegue in London and a PhD in swine reproduction of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (Spain). During her PhD studies, Carmen worked at the National Institute for Agriculture Research (INIA) in Madrid focusing her research in boar semen biochemistry.
She is author and co-author of numerous publications in professional and technical journals and serves also as a co-director of PhD and Master thesis. Due to her vast experience in porcine reproduction, Dr. de Alba acted as a speaker in numerous scientific and technical events and furthermore designed and ran different training programs for veterinarians and technicians. She currently participates as a speaker in the Porcine Production Master degree program in Spain. From our office in Spain, Dr. de Alba works closely with the German Minitube team in development, validation and quality control of equipment and products. Carmen performs also audits for semen production labs of all animal species.

Dr. Marcio Menezes Nunes, DVM

Dr. Marcio Nunes graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil, in 2002. Previously to his veterinary studies, he was educated as an agricultural technician. Marcio brings a 12 year professional experience as a practicioner in Equine Reproduction and Equine Clinics to the Minitube group. He worked for several brazilian horse farms where he led all reproductive activities through the breeding seasons. His main skills comprise stallion semen collection, artificial insemination of mares, semen freezing, estrus control, follicle growth control, oocyte aspiration, embryo collection and transfer and general reproductive management of stallions and mares. During this field work, he was responsible for many famous embryo donors and stallions. The stud farms celebrated excellent reproductive efficiency with more than one thousand pregnancies.
Marcio Nunes spent 2 years at the Universities of Wisconsin and UC Davis, USA, where he deepened his knowledge of hormone analysis, folliculogenesis, follicular ablation and oocyte aspiration. He is author and co-author of several international publications in scientific journals. Dr. Marcio Menezes Nunes is a member of the Veterinarian Department of Minitub do Brasil since 2011 and is responsible for equine and canine customer consulting, training and product management.

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