AndroVision® software module: DNA Integrity

Ref.: 12500/1800
Automatic count of the percentage of sperm cells with intact DNA, based on the utilitzation of the Halosperm-testkit with fluorescence.
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Product features

To investigate the integrity of DNA, a halo-technique in combination with a fluorescence stain, is employed. The halo-technique distinguishes intact from defective sperm cells. If the DNA of a sperm cell is defective, an aura of light, or halo, will form around the head of the sperm cell. In contrast, all sperm cells that do not exhibit a halo have intact DNA. The halo effect is visible when the sample has been stained with propidium iodide (PI) and exposed to fluorescent light. The percentage of sperm cells with fragmented DNA in a given ejaculate or sample can thus be determined.