CowScope: Assisted reproduction in a new light

The multi-functional video endoscope, CowScope, is designed for breeders, veterinarians, and AI technicians. It serves as a tool for reproduction management, bovine insemination, and training.

Visualization of the vagina and opening of the cervix allows for easy introduction of the QuickLock Ergo into the cervix without rectal palpation. The light source and the clip-on speculum ensure a clear view. A hygienic tube is introduced into the working channel and replaced after every insemination. Furthermore, a hygienic sheath is used to cover the device while introducing it into the vagina.

  • Effective insemination under visual control
  • Slim profile for ergonomic handling and animal welfare
  • Quick and easy to set up, use, and clean
Artificial insemination
  • Visual control makes introduction of AI instrument through cervix easier
  • Thin shape allows use in heifers
  • Helps to detect silent heat by checking for mucus in vaginal examination
Reproduction management
  • Early detection and treatment of reproductive health issues
  • Use of the CowScope for application of treatment
  • Images and videos can be recorded and shared with veterinarian
  • Easily understand the anatomy involved due to visual feedback
  • Master technique of artificial insemination more quickly and with less strain on animals
  • Share camera feed on an external monitor or TV screen