CowScope video endoscope

Ref.: 17065/0000
The multi-functional video endoscope, CowScope, is designed for breeders, veterinarians, and AI technicians. It serves as a tool for reproduction management, bovine insemination, and training.
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Product features

  • Equipped with full HD (1080p) camera and LED light source
  • A smartphone (available as an optional accessory) is required to display the realtime video
  • Requirements for Smartphone: Android 11 (or higher) and a USB C port
  • The working channel is designed for the QuickLock Ergo
  • A hygienic tube is introduced into the working channel and replaced after every insemination
  • A hygienic sheath is used to cover the device while introducing it into the vagina
  • The CowScope can be rinsed after use and cleaned with the hygienic wipes

Your benefits

  • Effective insemination under visual control
  • Visual control makes introduction of AI instrument through cervix easier
  • The clip-on speculum ensures a clear view
  • Slim profile for ergonomic handling and animal welfare, thin shape allows use in heifers
  • Early detection of pathologies and reproductive health issues
  • An app for using the CowScope is available for free on Google Play store
  • Images and videos can be recorded and shared with veterinarian
  • Quick and easy to set up, use, and clean

Scope of delivery

  • 1x CowScope in carrying case
  • 1x Hygienic cover for CowScope, 100 pcs. (Ref. 17065/0006)
  • 1x Hygienic tube for CowScope, 20 pcs. (Ref. 17065/0005)
  • 2x Speculum front end for CowScope (Ref. 17065/0007)
  • 1x Latch for fixing AI instrument (QuickLock Ergo) for CowScope (Ref. 17065/0008)

Not included in the scope of delivery:
Smartphone (USB C, Android 11 or higher), e.g. Smartphone for CowScope (Ref. 17065/0002).