GobletPacker: Automated goblet packing with intelligent design

The GobletPacker provides an accurate and reliable solution for filling frozen 0.25 ml straws automatically into goblets in liquid nitrogen/nitrogen vapor.

It consists of a goblet unit and a straw unit which holds 1800 MiniStraws. Empty goblets are manually loaded into a cartridge and subsequently inserted into the GobletPacker. A further cartridge can be prepared in parallel. This ensures a high working speed.

The machine counts the straws first and inserts them in packages into each goblet, enabling a smooth packaging process without interruptions due to straws not fitting into an almost full goblet.

The most important GobletPacker features
  • Packs up to 100 straws/minute into a wide range of goblets
  • Goblet size can be changed quickly without tools
  • Accurate and reliable operation due to intelligent, sensor-based design and specialized materials suitable for use in liquid nitrogen/nitrogen vapor
  • GobletPacker lift allows efficient and easy adjustment to changing LN2 level within the vat
  • Liquid nitrogen vat for the GobletPacker provided with a drain to recover LN2 after the packaging task
  • Acoustic signals alert user of required action
  • Determine an unknown number of straws (inventory function) or count a user-defined number
  • Easy to control via user-friendly touch display
Why you should rely on the GobletPacker
  • Time-consuming packaging task is automated, no more manual labor
  • Less risk by reducing handling of liquid nitrogen, more safety for lab personnel
  • Protects semen quality by processing in liquid nitrogen/nitrogen vapor and ensuring ideal storage temperature without fluctuations

The processing speed of up to 100 straws per minute, combined with uninterrupted operation and parallel reloading of goblets provides unprecedented efficiency.