AndroScope: CASA System To Go

AndroScope is a compact mobile CASA system that is based on AndroVision® and that fits in any pocket. It allows to analyze semen samples anywhere and to monitor semen motility and concentration at any point in the production, transport, and insemination process.
Sophisticated technology in the smallest of spaces
  • Equipped with a professional high-speed camera and a robust focus adjustment for precise semen analysis
  • The heating unit in the analysis area of the mobile CASA reaches the optimal temperature for semen analysis within a few seconds, so that semen analysis is performed at optimal temperature conditions
Countless application possibilities for your daily practice
  • Sperm motility and concentration of various species can be analyzed within some seconds
  • Standard profiles for bulls, boars, stallions, dogs, small ruminants, and poultry are stored by default, further profiles can be added in collaboration with Minitube
  • You can either analyze fresh, chilled, or frozen-thawed semen
Concentration and motility results at a glance
  • Provides reliable, objective analysis results without the services of a stationary semen lab
  • Follow the analysis live on the screen and generate a PDF report with the most important parameters clearly mapped
  • Save analysis reports and share them with others
Flexible and easy use, no matter where you are
  • Works with every PC, laptop, or tablet where MS Windows 10 or newer is installed (USB-3.0 plug is necessary to connect the AndroScope)
  • You do not need internet or electricity to run AndroScope (it is powered by the connected device) 
  • Designed for the use with disposable Minitube counting chambers; other counting chambers of the same dimensions, (e.g.) Leja chambers or a standard microscope slide with cover glass (if only sperm motility is to be analyzed) can also be used
  • Quick and easy to set up, use, and clean
  • User-oriented design; only requires little training to perform an accurate analysis
Device and accessories compactly stowed in one case
A practical, robust carry case provides optimal protection for the transport of the AndroScope and contains everything you need to perform a semen analysis: the AndroScope unit, Minitube counting chambers, reaction vials, and capillary tubes.
Semen analysis with AndroScope: easy handling and precise results
AndroScope: CASA System To Go