Beyond® applications under field conditions

Discover the versatility of Beyond® with these eight practical applications. Let us convince you that you too can benefit from using this unique long-term extender. 
  1. Difficult stallions, hard to collect – Low libido, aggressiveness, and traumas are some of the challenges we face turning easy daily work into a risky or time-consuming procedure. Many times, we collect a stallion, and only a single dose is needed, while the rest of the ejaculate is discarded. Later in the week, if more semen is required, the process is repeated. Why not collect it once and keep the rest of the doses cooled just in case? Now it is possible!
  2. The stallion is housed far away – Driving long distances for routine stallion collections multiple times a week can become a thing of the past. Why not reduce the time needed by staff and stallion availability by storing the extra doses earlier in the week and utilizing them throughout the week? If needed, the doses will be ready to be used at any time!
  3. Variable semen dose demand – For some stallions it´s impossible to predict how many doses will be available that week. Why do not maintain the extra doses produced from one collection for unexpected demands?
  4. Competition season started, and frozen semen isn't available – Inseminations scheduled for the week, mares with large follicles, and the stallion left for a competition? Collect the semen before his departure and keep the doses for up to 14 days for some stallions!
  5. The semen can be stored at the farm – Mares that are booked and need semen, but the stallion collection schedule doesn’t correspond with the mare’s cycle? Instead of ordering rush delivery, order the semen earlier in the week and store it for when the mare is ready!
  6. All the week’s doses delivered at once – Will it be a money-saving and a relief to have all the week-programmed semen doses in the refrigerator ready anytime? It will reduce the shipping costs and will avoid issues faced every week with semen dose deliveries. Now it is possible to run your routine without wondering if the ovulation time and the dose availability will match!
  7. Avoid splitting ejaculates set for freezing to accommodate a cooled semen shipment – Do you ever have to split an ejaculate between freezing and shipping? It reduces the number of straws produced in each batch. Now it is possible to use one ejaculate to produce cooled semen doses to be kept stored during the week and use future ejaculates to freeze!
  8. Semen collection three times a week might not be needed anymore – If the stallion produces doses for internal use only and doesn’t have enough mares to use the complete ejaculate after every collection, why not keep the doses at the farm/clinic saving time, the number of consumables used and the efforts maintaining the same pregnancy rate? It is time to get some of your time back and increase your efficiency and work/life balance!

Dr Márcio M. Nunes, DVM, MSc
Beyond® applications under field conditions