Traceability in AI through machine readable codes

Innovative printing solutions for controlling semen production 
By seamlessly integrating laboratory software, print software, and production machinery, we establish an error-free data flow, enabling comprehensive traceability throughout the entirety of the semen straw production process. Machine readable codes on straws can store a large amount of information in a very compact format and facilitate the transfer of information from the field back to the laboratory.

Minitube’s new printing software, PrintControl, offers the user the option of creating any number of different layouts. Free texts, database fields, codes, counters etc. can be defined within these layouts. Once defined, these fields are automatically filled with the information when a data record is selected.
  • Browser-based and platform-independent software
  • One software to support all Minitube printers (MiniJet/CombiSystem, EasyCoder, MultiCoder)
  • Seamless data entry and editing via Prism10 Bull or Excel
  • Intuitive user interface and modern design
  • Clear print on straws of all colors and both 0.25 and 0.5 ml straws
  • Serialization with a continuous counter in both text and code 
  • Print preview functionality for easy control of print results

Print preview
Comparison 1D-Code and 2D-Code
1D-Code and 2D-Code

1D-Code (all Minitube printers)
  • Barcode (Code 128 B)
  • Variable amount of characters (depending on length, independent of height)
  • Proven and widely used technology
  • Easy to scan with all standard readers and mobile devices
  • High-resolution and clear print on straws

2D-Code (MiniJet, CombiSystem)
  • Datamatrix Code - rectangular or square type (square type not applicable on straw)
  • Variable amount of characters (depending on height and length)
  • Decode with special 2D code scanners or mobile devices
  • High information density in a small space, multiple codes can be printed on one straw

Possible 2D-Code length

Test scanning Datamatrix Codes with your smartphone using the Scanbot SDK app! Scan the QR code to download the app from your app store: 

Download PrintControl Leaflet
Traceability in AI through machine readable codes