MultiCoder – labeling as if by magic!

Reliable sample identification in the laboratory is based on clear, legible labeling of all containers in which sperm or embryos are stored. Hand lettering is still common in some cases, but it is error-prone and time-consuming. Labeling with adhesive labels requires two steps (printing, sticking) and many lab items hardly offer any space for the common label formats. Moreover, adhesives often contain volatile, embryotoxic substances.

The MultiCoder revolutionizes labeling technology in the laboratory, it prints data within seconds, directly on almost all types of dishes, tubes, straws, cassettes, and goblets. It is very easy to use: configure your print templates in the intuitive software and import your data – the rest almost runs automatically. 

The MultiCoder offers you countless advantages:
  • High resolution, quick drying, silent inkjet printing
  • Abrasion and cryo-proof labeling
  • Intuitive software solution for easy control of the printing process
  • Ready-made print layouts and error-free data import into the printer software
  • Tool-free, quick adaptation of the carrier system to dishes, tubes, straws, etc.
  • Simultaneous printing of several straws
  • Automatic time or date stamp, automatic numbering
  • Printing of QR codes, barcodes, logos
  • All containers remain closed during printing
  • Small footprint, maintenance-free hardware, economic operation
  • Quick and easy installation, operation and cleaning

The MultiCoder labels faster than by hand, accommodates more information in a clearly legible manner and minimizes transmission errors.
Professionalize your laboratory process with quick and easy, machine-readable sample identification!