Prism10, boar stud management software

Ref.: 12535/0010
Prism10 is an ejaculate management system that integrates all ejaculate data and connects all processes from semen collection to reporting of production statistics. With its dynamic user interface, Prism10 offers a modern process and product-based concept for controlling boar semen production.
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Product features

  • Straightforward ejaculate processing: boar ID, ejaculate volume (scale), concentration (photometer or AndroVision®), motility and morphology (AndroVision® or manual), evaluation and collector identification and more
  • Data connection to SmartDispenser 1.0 & 2.0, AutoDispense, HyPacker, MiniBSP, TwinPacker, QT-Packer, SPS-11, label printer, external programs
  • Flexible architecture: operation from any connected computer and mobile devices
  • Product-centered approach allows for customized mapping of production processes: every ejaculate can be processed into different products, for example with different number of sperm per dose, different packaging, dose volume, etc.
  • Flexible tool to import and update donor information from MS Excel
  • Flags for marking characteristics of ejaculates, collections, and boars (e.g., reason for discard, quality of jump)
  • Adjustable limits and warnings for ejaculate data to help stud manager in decision-making during production
  • Live data can be accessed remotely, e.g., orders filled, progress of daily production, discarded ejaculates, etc.
  • Comprehensive reporting with customizable templates and export function (PDF, MS Excel)
  • Donor animal dashboard with graphs: overview of average genetic index, rest time, age, weekly available sperm output, barn usage and others
  • Production dashboard with graphs: overview of semen quality, produced doses per period, per breed, per process, and many more

Your benefits

  • Newly developed, modern, browser-based software
  • Guaranteed long-term support by experienced team of developers
  • Hassle-free connection to Minitube devices
  • Secure and traceable input of all data, entry errors are minimized
  • Data is accessible remotely by smartphone
  • High production reliability, operation is not dependent on a single device
  • The most important performance parameters at a glance
  • Great flexibility in serving different customers with various products
  • Seamless integration of production and sales
  • Statistical analysis of all production data