Prism10 Bull lab software

Ref.: 12535/0005
With its dynamic user interface, the lab software Prism10 Bull offers a modern process and product based concept for controlling bull semen production.
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Product features

  • Straightforward ejaculate processing: bull ID, ejaculate volume (scale), concentration (photometer or AndroVision®), motility (AndroVision® or manual), evaluation and collector identification and more
  • Data connection to iMale, AndroVision, SmartDispenser 1.0 & 2.0, MPP Quattro & MiniJet printer (CombiSystem)
  • Flexible architecture - operation from any connected computer
  • Product-centered approach allows for customized mapping of production processes: every ejaculate can be processed into different products, for example with different number of sperm per dose, different packaging, dose volume, extender etc.
  • Flexible tool to import and update donor information from MS Excel
  • Flags for marking characteristics of ejaculates, collections, and bulls (e.g. reason for discard, quality of jump)
  • Adjustable limits and warnings for ejaculate data to help station manager in decision-making during production
  • Live data can be accessed remotely, e.g. orders filled, progress of daily production, discarded ejaculates, etc.
  • Comprehensive reporting with customizable templates and export function (PDF, MS Excel)
  • Donor animal dashboard with graphs: overview of average breeding value, age, weekly available sperm output, barn usage and others
  • Production dashboard with graphs: overview of semen quality, produced doses per period, per bull, per process, among others

Your benefits

  • Newly developed, modern, web-based software
  • Guaranteed long-term support by experienced team of developers
  • Hassle-free connection to Minitube devices
  • Secure and traceable input of all data, entry errors are minimized
  • High production reliability, operation is not dependent on a single device
  • The most important performance parameters at a glance
  • Data is accessible remotely by smartphone
  • Overview of any time frame of production
  • Statistical analysis of all production data