Two days of innovation and exchange in porcine reproduction

On June 18 and 19, the Minitube headquarters became the center of innovation and knowledge sharing as it hosted Minitube TechDays. This event brought together porcine reproduction experts from around the world for a dynamic mix of insightful presentations, hands-on workshops and Bavarian hospitality. With 50 international attendees in person and many more participating virtually, TechDays underscored Minitube's commitment to advancing porcine reproduction.

The first day was dedicated to a series of expert-led presentations highlighting the latest research and practical advances in the industry. Florian Reckinger from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover presented findings on antibiotic-free boar semen production and storage at 5°C. Sophie Henneberg from IFN Schönow presented research on how AI stud management affects semen parameters and boar longevity. Wenxin Xu from Minitube China gave a comprehensive overview of the current challenges and opportunities in the Chinese pig industry. Michael Kleve-Feld from PIC discussed the practical aspects of biosecurity in boar studs compared to academic research. Rudolf Großfeld from Minitube Germany rounded off the day with an in-depth look at the production and quality control of boar semen tubes and bags.

After the presentations, attendees were able to take a leisurely walk through a nearby bird sanctuary to enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather, and network in a relaxed atmosphere. The event concluded with an evening of Bavarian delicacies, providing the perfect setting for further discussion and networking.

The second day was devoted to practical workshops. These sessions covered a range of topics including laboratory automation, semen collection training, semen analysis and quality assurance. Attendees had the opportunity to see Minitube's innovative products in action, such as the Prism10 lab management software, the AndroScope portable CASA system, and programmable semen storage units. In addition, new and upcoming semen dilution and packaging equipment was demonstrated, showcasing Minitube's cutting-edge technology.

Christa Simmet, CCO of Minitube International AG, welcomed all participants and emphasized the value of personal interaction and collaboration. Minitube would like to thank all attendees for their commitment to making TechDays a success. This event not only highlighted the latest technological advances, but also strengthened the exchange for a future-oriented pig production.
Two days of innovation and exchange in porcine reproduction